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Calypso Drift

The following excerpt is from Steinberg Henry’s “Calypso Drift.” It is drawn from Chapter 59.

— In 1987, Super L would win song of the year with his lyrically outstanding “Good Citizens,”highlighting Dominican musician and music teacher L. M. Christian, Trinidad and Tobago’s prime minister Dr. Eric Williams, Barbados’s prime minister Errol […]

Young Bull On Fire!

by Jefferson Challenger

Young Bull is on fire in 2011! From the first note of BullFrog, BullSheep, you are jumping out of your chair. Well, I hope everyone does. But I have that snicking suspicion that some people will turn to a different station or a different song. Why? Because the […]


by Steinberg Henry.

Roland ‘Spider’ James (1948-2005), is laid to rest today, July 13. His was the first Calypso Funeral celebrated in Dominica – a celebration of the dead in Calypso. I was pleased, moved. When I connected by Internet to Dominica Broadcasting Corporation, […]