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Saturday January 12, 2013

Quarter Finalists
1  Beno
2  Black Diamond
3  Bobb
4  Checker
5  Checko
6  Chris B
7  Comforter
8  Daddy Chess
9  Deros
10  Electra
11  Explosion
12  Ghetto Prince
13  Hunter
14  Jamma B
15  Karessah
16  Lady Star
17  Logas
18  Man Himself
19  Observer
20  Picky
21  Rachel
22  Ras Kelly
23  Scrunter
24  Shadow FLow
25  Soul Puss
26  Sting Ray
27  Sye
28  Trendsetter
29  Triumph
30  Twana
31  Vigilante
32  Webb


Semi Finalists Song
1 Beno On The Same Boat
2 Black Diamond Power of Calypso
3 Bobb Find A Way
4 Checker When I Die
5 Daddy Chess Madness
6 Deros Babalen
7 Electra A Woman’s Worth
8 Explosion Unite
9 Ghetto Prince Stock Farm Blues
10 Hunter Another Youngster
11 Jamma B Feeling the Squeeze
12 Karessah Gentle Rest
13 Lady Star Bail
14 Rachel The Disappearing Voice
15 Ras Kelly Papa Is You
16 Scrunter Family Prescription
17 Shadow Flow De Rum an’ De Party
18 Soul Puss Not a Dictator
19 Sye My Legacy
20 Webb Legacy


The Finalists
(in alphabetical order)

(Pottersville Savannah: February 9th, 2013

Black Diamond

Redemption time for Black Diamond. He redeemed himself by being a first time finalist after disappointing his fans last year. Good start for the young man. The future of Dominica Calypso is in good hands. Singing

  • Power Of Calypso
  • Do You Want Me For King?
Seasoned veteran Bobbis back in the finals for 2013 after placing 4th in the 2012 competition. One of the best voices in Dominica Calypso, Bobb is hoping 2013 is his lucky year. Singing

  • Find A Way
  • Nothing Plus Nothing

Daddy Chess

Daddy Chess the experienced Swinging Stars front man is back in the final after a two year break. He’s been quite busy with other musical ventures and collaborations in the region. Singing

  • Diaspora
  • Madness


Deros is in the final for the first time and is hoping that babalen will help him ascend to the Kaiso throne.

  • Babalen


Dice…been there done that. Has been waiting for a whole year so he can be crowned for an unprecedented sixth time. Loved by calypso fans. Will he do it again?

  • Beat Me Mama
  • The Full Dominica Story


Electra was destined to be a finalist for 2103. She replaces Hunter in the final after he withdrew after the uproar caused by his “cheating” allegations.

  • A Woman’s Worth
  • I Had A Dream
Ghetto Prince is also a first time finalist. The cousin of King Dice delivered an impassioned and heart felt rendition of his “Stock Farm Blues. Maybe he’s got some of that kaiso royalty in his blood. Let’s see. Singing

  • Stock Farm Blues


Karessah is at it again. Perhaps the best in Dominica at incorporating satire and wit in his calypso compositions. The former two time monarch will try to make a triple. He’ll deliver

  • Gentle Rest
  • Mi Waterbag Burst

Ras Kelly

Ras Kelly has made a very strong comeback with the empathetic “Papa It’s You” after being absent from competition for a number of years. He’s been busy running the day to day affairs of the calypso association and ensuring great competition year after year. Singing

  • Papa Its You
  • Shoe squeezing Me
Webb consistently delivers superlative performances. We’ve come to expect this from the Sisserou Singer. Will this be his luck year? Singing

  • Legacy
  • Kung Fu Politics

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1st Place

King Dice – Photo courtesy Images Dominica


2nd Place

Karessah – Photo courtesy Images Dominica


3rd Place

Webb – Photo courtesy Images Dominica


4th Place



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