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Kaiso 2010

The Quarter-Finalists

Quarter Finalists
1 Tasha P
2 Beno
3 Yakima
4 Daddy Chess
5 Judgment
6 Soul Puss
7 Explosion
8 The Bobb
9 Mighty Logar
10 Prosper
11 Ghetto Prince
12 Triumph
13 Dutchess *
14 Sye**
15 Man Himself**
16 Tarina** – did not participate
17 Picky**
18 Lady Star**
19 Observer**
20 Scrunter**
21 Hunter** – did not participate
22 Sugar S**
23 Boople**
24 Son Of Saint**
25 Jamma B** – did not participate
26 Della**
27 Bassie**
28 Checker**
29 Comforter**
30 Fabillah**
31 Leandra**
32 Beetle J**

* reserve
** received a bye”

The Semi-Finalists

Semi Finalists Song
1 Tasha P He’s a Boy
2 Beno Same Mistake
3 Yakima Looking For their Pocket
4 Daddy Chess Fly Your Kite
5 Soul Puss Respect of A People
6 Explosion Grace, Mercy and Peace
7 The Bobb Fugitive
8 Mighty Logar Tea Party
9 Prosper Ma Dominique Gabbage Bin
10 Ghetto Prince Another Paro In Roseau
11 Triumph Tourist Message
12 Dutchess Who Will Go With Me
13 Sye Dr. Finger
14 Lady Star Rights and Responsibilities
15 Observer The Next Level
16 Scrunter Blame Yourself
17 Sugar S Politicians’ Wives
18 Boople First Time Never Before
19 Della Trapped in Paradise
20 Checker Deviance

The Finalists
(in order of appearance)

Lady Star

Marja ‘Lady Star’ Jeffers is another first time finalist bringing more woman power to the Final Show. Singing

  • Rights and Responsibility
  • Pay Back Time

Tasha P

Tasha ‘Tasha P’ Peltier is yet another first time finalist. More woman power sticking it to the men.

  • Justice
  • He’s a Boy


Davidson “Observer” Victor attempting to win his third title. Singing

  • The Next Level
  • The Mission


The reigning King Gregory “Karessah” Reviere will will be looking to retain his crown. He would be the first repeat king since Dice from 2005 and 2006. Woof! Woof! Singing


Joey “Explosion” Lloyd is a first time finalist. Brother of the “Oracle” finalist from a couple of years ago. Singing

  • Grace, Mercy and Peace
  • Jerico

Soul Puss

David ‘Soul Puss’ Pascal is another first time finalist. Singing

  • Haiti Never Give Up
  • Respect of A People

Daddy Chess

Chester “Daddy Chess” Letang: mister energy looking to make up for missing last years final while in Trinidad. Singing

  • Haiti
  • Fly Your Kite


Cecil “Checker” Burnette an experienced veteran returning to the Finals show after a six year absence. Singing

  • National Pride
  • Deviance


Murphy “Sye” John Jules is a two-time finalist hoping to snare away his first crown by singing

De Bobb

Daryl “De Bobb” Bobb makes his return to the Grand Finals Show after a couple years absence. We can expect Bobb to deliver very good rendition of his songs. Singing

  • Fugitives
  • Let People Talk

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The Winners


  • Song One
  • Song Two


  • Song One
  • Song Two


Tasha P
  • Song One
  • Song Two


Soul Puss
  • Song One
  • Song Two