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Road March Kings and Songs

The Carnival Road March is the musical composition played most often at the “judging points” along the parade route during Carnival. Scoring is based upon a rank and points-system devised by a Dominica Calypso¬† Association before the start of the parade. Our artists have produced some awesome Road March songs over the years to spice up the carnival jump up.

1962 Slasher Hon. Frank Baron
1963 Spark Nina Penda Garna
1964 Idol Ilene
1965 Idol Mr. Copeland
1966 Spider Give Me The Rum Fast
1967 Breaker Income Tax Rebel
1968 Bingo Pointe Michel Girls
1969 Spider Play Mas Play Mas
1970 Tokyo Tennis Shoe Scandal
1971 Spark Parish Hall Clash
1972 Caterer 1972 Katie
1973 Spencer Mona
1974 Caterer Ba Yo Bwa
1975 Chiky If You Lash The Cat
1976 Robin Take Me Back
1977 Shaky Dayba Pou Dayba
1978 Spider Cechey Ferdinand
1979 Mico Come Down Jesus
1980 Spider Singing Sanky
1981 DBS Don Don Don
1982 Ency Bombers From South
1983 Dyno Dyno How I Love You So
1984 Ency Humble Servant
1985 Rabbit Marry De Girl Charlie
1986 Rabbit / Super L Run Solomon / Fight Dem.
1987 Ency Watch Your Bottom
1988 Cauliflower / Pressure / Catholic
1989 Rabbit You Follow?
1990 Hurricane / Lagoom Spirit Utility Pressure / Tourist Scandal
1991 Lagoon Spirit Carnival is Bacchannal
1992 Young Bull Chew My Pocket
1993 Rabbit Wang Fang Cho
1994 Sour Sour/Hurricane Kool Pipe/Tiway Yo
1995 ? ?
1996 ? ?
1997 Intruder Pull String
1998 Hunter Carib Bachannal
1999 no title awarded
2000 Brakes Workers
2001 Observer Spirit Of We Carnival
2002 Pawol Osama Say
2003 Jama Bee Let My People Go
2004 Dice Animal Farm
2005 Dice Puppet Master
2006 Dice/Boople I Eh Fraid/Real Pirates of the Caribbean
2007 Dice Let There Be Light
2008 Daddy Chess Forward We Go
2009 Energizer Carnival is Colour
2010 Sye Dr. Finger
2011 Sour Sour Yow Yow How you Feeling?

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