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Young Bull On Fire!

by Jefferson Challenger

Young Bull is on fire in 2011! From the first note of BullFrog, BullSheep, you are jumping out of your chair. Well, I hope everyone does. But I have that snicking suspicion that some people will turn to a different station or a different song. Why? Because the song is “against” the person that they are supporting.
Well, I want to remind all those folks that we have to appreciate the calypsos for what they are. Calypso has always been said to be the voice of the

Young Bull 2011. Courtesy

little man – the people. The voice of society! So I encourage everyone to enjoy the calypso for the beat, the pep, the way the words are put together, and also appreciate Young Bull in full cry – Bull Crap, Bull Whip, Bull Sheep!
I would encourage all judges to judge based on the song. Let us all leave all political sides alone. Enjoy the calypsos and the reveling. I am reminded by people in the know that Scrunter was always hitting Ma Mo hard and heavy; but her favorite calypsonian was, you guessed it, De Scrunter. If you getting some blows during carnival, please remember that Calypsonians are the voice of the little man.

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