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Carnival Calypso Kings through the years.

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Year Calypsonian Song One Song Two
1978 Zeye I’m Dangerous Bury Dem
1979 Shakey I Don’t Know Year Of The Children
1980 Spider Singing Sanky Shilo
1981 Tronada Hold My Head Up High Rise Dominica Rise
1982 Ency Investigate D.B.G.A. Bombers From South
1983 Ency I Know Give And Take
1984 Rabbit Never Hang Your Hat
1985 Ency Issues And Facts Consider Me
1986 Venturer Woman Power We Listening
1987 Venturer
1988 Ency I Must Sing About It Reunion ’88
1989 Wizard Feed My Brother Young an’ Restless
1990 Wizard Yes, There’s Hope Provocation
1991 Scrunter Dominicans Get Smart Prove To Them Who Is King
1992 Scrunter Your Ambassador Kaiso, Kaiso
1993 Hurricane Custom Pressure
1994 Hurricane Miracle Tiway Yo
1995 Scrunter I Do Hold On Dominicans
1996 Hurricane One Party State Unarmed and Dangerous
1997 Brakes

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5 comments to Calypso Kings

  • Steinberg Henry

    Scrunter 1991 (Dominicans Get Smart/Prove To Them Who Is King)

    Scrunter 1992(Your Ambassador/Kaiso, Kaiso)

    Scrunter 1995 Scrunter (I Do/Hold On Dominicans)

    Send me a note …

  • Myrtle B

    Sir St. Hilaire, very interesting and informative website.

    I hope you do not mind one of your favorite former students using some of the information from your website during my calypso tent/competition commentary.

    Please keep promoting Dominicas’ music in a positive way

  • admin

    Hi Myrtle, one of my favorite former students. Thanks for visiting the site. I have no problem at all with you using information from the site. Please feel free to use the information and promote the site in your calypso commentary. I appreciate your contributions towards our culture and music. Keep up the good work.

  • Solo


    I feel kinda bad that I only stumbled onto this site by mere coincidence but that being said, I’m glad I did! It’s great to learn that there’s a site where our calypsonians are showcased and their efforts documented for generations to come.

    I’m not sure if this is already a feature – haven’t gone through the site in depth – but I’d like to suggest that the words to the songs be made available. Even the “old” ones from the seventies and eighties are worth remembering. Some of them are priceless. I particularly enjoyed people like Rabbit and Ency. If the words are available, please point me in the right direction.

    Keep up the great work!


  • 1996 Hurricane songs both songs are correct

    in 1994 Hurricane both songs were Miracle and Tiwa Yo

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