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The Calypso Supreme Court

by Jefferson Challenger.

Since I grew up in the 70’s – 80’s my favorite calypsonians were Tronada, Ency and Wizard.  But then in the 2000’s came King Dice.  He has learnt from those before him, and now can be called one of the Masters.  With great range, magnificent stage presence, serious lyrics, and the cry “Dice Again”, he has taken the art form to “The Next Level” (Prime Minister Skerritt will like that).  Just like Tiger Woods, I believe he has made others in his field step up their game.

King Dice

Whatever the reasons for King Dice missing the competition last year, when we look back a few years from now, we will all agree that we lost something with Dice not participating.  This year we were all eagerly awaiting “The Return of The Dice.”  Once again, we are all disappointed that we have to wait until next year.  Did King Dice miss this year’s competition because he thought that he did not have to enter the preliminary competition, or did the Calypso Association not have its act together?  If it is the former, then we blame King Dice; otherwise the Calypso Association must take responsibility for the debacle.  The present laws give exemption to reigning King only, and most us believe that’s the way it should be.

In light of that fiasco, there are discussions about changing the competition rules.  Should the Calypso Supreme Court change the long standing tradition of having all competitors, but the reigning King, go through the tough competition? Should the Calypso Supreme Court, like the United States Supreme Court, turn back decades of rules/laws, and give all past Kings a free ride into the quarters of the competition?  These are good questions.  But here is a better question: who is the Calypso Supreme Court anyway?

Before answering the last question, I will say that if that rule gets changed the competition will lose on some fronts:

The competitors will not get a chance to improve their songs and performances through the competition.  As we listen to the preliminary rounds we hear the calypsonians improving their songs.  From the comments of Alvin Knight, Ossie Lewis, and others, we know that there is great improvement in quality, round by round.  The commentary team and patrons give comments (sometimes harsh ones) which the calypsonians listen to, and incorporate into the next performance.  Because of that arrangement we get a much better show.  These are the practice sessions before the game.  Removing past Kings from the preliminaries will rob the show and competition of some of its professionalism.

And the answer to the last question?  Well, the Calypso Supreme Court was just formed today.  As a member, I have cast my vote:  do not change the rules!  Let all calypsonians work through the preliminaries.  The show and competition will be much better for it.

Jefferson Challenger is an electrical engineer at Honeywell and an avid calypso fan. He’s been following Dominica calypso events for many, many years.

6 comments to The Calypso Supreme Court

  • Sandra

    If the rules were to be changed to favour former kings these former kings would be missing one round of competition so the room for improvement remains. I sort of equate eliminations to a driving test. When one has obtained a license they are not retested everytime the card is renewed. While I see your point but putting in a former king at the quarters should not affect anything. To me all it shows is some appreciation and recognition for the quality and standards these persons bring to the competition. Already there is hardly any appreciation or recognition depending on who the king turns out to be.

  • Hi my Dear Calypso friends, I’m very happy to be a fan of this website but I need to know why the Super L has been left out from here. The Super L was one of the most dynamic Calypso singers in Dominica. What he brought to calypso was costume and colors and tempo of which the calypso singers are now doing. It would be in the best interest of the site to make this right. The Super L will be doing his New Remix Album of most of the songs that he sang through out the years of his calypso carrier. The Album will be could THE BEST OF SUPER L!!!!!!! and this CD will be for a contribution towards the development of Calypso on the Island of Dominica. To all Super L friends and fans there is a great possibility that the Super L will be singing again some time soon in the competition!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you will welcome him in the competition with open arms. Mr. Levi Super L Loblak will be planning his comeback for all the calypso lovers and I know he will do very well in doing so. May the good Lord bless all of you and lets keep the Calypso Art from alive, no one man is big then the Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Levi Super L Loblack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • admin

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  • Levi Loblack Hi every one, This is had for me, but i just want to let you know that my mother Mrs May Loblack has been very sick for the pass weeks, and today the 23rd of February 2010 she has pass. God is good and i pray that my family will be in good sprite.Thanking you for your time,and Gods blessing to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Levi Super L Loblack!!!!!!!!

  • admin sympathizes and wish many blessings on you and your family.

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