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A Royal Gathering

by Admin:

It was the Summer of 2001 when there was the first ever gathering of Dominican Royalty in New York City. That night at the Veggie Castle Parking on Church Street in Brooklyn, nine former Calypso Kings of Dominica along with the Swinging Stars put on a grand spectacular for Dominicans and other Caribbean nationals in the tri-state area. That inaugural year the line up of Daddy Chess, Hunter, Scrunter, Hurricane, Tronada, Brakes, Wizard and Tokyo thrilled an appreciative crowd that was long staved of live Dominican Calypso performances. The crowd jumped and pranced to the pulsating hypnotic soca and calypso ryhthyms. They learnt to stagga stagga stagga stagga jump! jump! jump! jump! with Daddy Chess the energized front man for Stars providing instructions. The crowd sang along the lyrics of their favorite songs, some of them being “Tennis Shoe Scandal”, “Catolic”, “Your Destiny”, “Young an’ Restless” and many more classics.

This year will be the ninth for the King Of Kings Calypso Show in New York City. According to the show’s producer Anne Marie

AnnMarie Clarke

Clark, the idea was to bring the Dominica Stardom Calypso Tent to calypso lovers and fans in New York City, and surrounding areas. The idea somehow morphed into a showcase of Past and Present Dominica Calypso Kings and other notable performers some of who live in the USA. The King of Kings show is another welcome avenue Dominican Calypso Artists have used to entertain fans and friends in the tri-state area. Patrons come from New Jersey and Connecticut and from as far as Canada, Washington DC and Florida so cheer for and to show love to their favorite artists.

King Of Kings Promotional Flyer

For the 2008 Reunion celebrations the King of Kings show was held in Dominica for the first time. Dominican’s living in Dominica got a chance to see the Calypso Kings domiciled in the US on the same stage with the local Kings.
e-Dominica Promotion’s Ms. Clarke thinks that the effort helps to promote and market Dominica’s calypso music in the US and she’s hoping that more businesses and individuals will assist in sponsorship of the annual event.

This year’s line up includes Karessah 2009 and 2010 monarch, Daddy Chess 2001 monarch, Observer, 2002 and 2003 monarch, Scrunter 1991, 1992 and 1995 monarch, Hunter 1998, 2000 and 2007 monarch, Dice 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008 monarch, Wizard 1989 and 1990 monarch, Rabbit 1984 monarch, Tokyo 1969 Monarch along with special guest performers De Peoples King Bobb, 2010 Road March King Sye (Dr. Finger) and Crowd Favorite the dynamic and sexy Tasha P.

Turn out in large numbers and support your artists. This years show promises to be spectacular. You can purchase your tickets in advance on line at e-Dominica  For more information call 917 327 9972 or email Anne Marie Clarke.

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