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The Battle is On

So nine calypsonians will try again to dethrone the seemingly invincible Kind Dice at the 2014 Dominica Calypso Monarch Competition to be held on  Saturday March 1st at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium. Many are predicting “Dice Again” for an unprecedented seventh title. But there are some really tight compositions this year’s contest and the Dice will have to work hard if he wishes to retain the coveted crown. We expect a highly competitive show with great performances.

King Dice

King Dice

The competitors in order of appearance are Hunter, Wave, Leona, Dice, Bobb, Beno, Black Diamond, Boople, Picky and Webb.

Tickets for the show are $70.00 and $150.00 VIP available at Calypso House in Bath Estate.

2 comments to The Battle is On

  • Elaine Luther

    Can we attend the calypso elimination at the Krazy Coconuts in Castle Comfort on Sunday the 28th of December.
    When is the event? what does it cost to attend. Please reply ASAP because we come from Picard.

    Elaine Luther

  • Elaine Luther

    Please send time and price for the Calypso Elimination at Krazy Coconuts Bar in Castle Comfort on Sunday, December 28th.

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