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Birth name:Fitzroy Clinton Hilton.
Also known as Hardline.
Bioche Village, Dominica
Occupation:Retired Police officer, musician, songwriter.
Instruments:Vocals, keyboards.
Years active:2013 to present.

Born Fitzroy Clinton Hilton to his mother who was an ardent calypso fan, he grew up listening to every calypso show on a small transistor radio. This exposure must have instilled in him a love and passion for calypso thus the song “My cure” which he released in 2014. He grew up in church and was part of a singing group. He was the lead vocals in the group and also played the keyboard.

He began writing songs at the age of 20 yrs.These were songs of gospel genre. In 2013 he wrote his first song “Politics” for an artist who changed his mind about going into the calypso arena. He then decided to take part in the eliminations using the name Hardlinesleek. He failed to move from eliminations that year. In 2014 changing his name to Hardline and released the song “My cure”. Although this song had one the best lyrics and melody that year he still failed to move from eliminations. This song became a hit as one of the most popular calypso song of the year.That year he joined the Stardom Calypso Tent where he stunned the crowd every Wednesday night with this popular song. He received a trophy at the calypso finals from the Dominica Calypso Association for the most popular song of the season.That year he also released a song “Should I do wrong?” which he performed at the Police Calypso Show competition. In 2015 released the song “Wicked in calypso”

In 2016 released the song “Abuse Victim’s Cry” which sent him to the quarter final. He has seven recorded calypsos some of which have not been released and also has two recordings of cadence-lypso and a reggae. Hardline who now resides in the United Kingdom still makes his presence felt in the calypso arena.






Abuse Victims Cry – 2016


Wicked in Calypso – 2015


My Cure – 2014


Blood Sucking Parasites – 2013

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