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Carnival Calypso Kings through the years.

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Year Calypsonian Song One Song Two
1998 Hunter We Will Survive Carib Bachannal
1999 Brakes Keep The Candles Burning Put The Brakes On Them
2000 Hunter They Joking One Nation
2001 Daddy Chess Your Destiny Depends On You Somebody Have To Pay
2002 Observer For The Love of Country Give Me Back My Vote
2003 Observer Search For Excellence Never Give Up
2004 Dice Minding My Business Animal Farm
2005 Dice Help My Brother For Me Puppet Master
2006 Dice These Are The Days I Ent Fraid Of Them
2007 Hunter Government Focus Typical Dominican
2008 Dice Roll De Dice and See On My Own
2009 Karessah Pastor’s Rod Calypso too Patriotic
2010 Karessah Haiti I feel Your Pain Dogs On The Track
2011 Tasha P Let the Children be Children Woman Time
2012 Dice Back To Country Stand Up For Teacher
2013 Dice Beat Me Mama Beat Me Full Dominica Story
2014 Dice Know Your History Time For Change
2015 Karessah Call Me Name Flush It

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