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Highlights of Robin’s Calypso Career.

  • Started singing Calypso in 1968
  • Sang with the Gayloards from 1968 to 1971
  • Participated in the Dominica Calypso Competition from 1972 to 1981
    • 3rd runner up in 1972
    • 2nd runner up in 1973
    • 2nd runner up in 1974
    • 3rd runner up in 1975
    • 1st runner up in 1976
    • Road March King in 1976
    • Finalist in 1977
    • 1st runner up in 1978
    • 2nd runner up in 1978 Independence Calypso Competition
    • 3rd runner up in 1979
    • 3rd runner up in 1980
    • Finalist in 1981

Song Title of Songs Robin sang during his calypso career.

Is JP or Coaco Mas Old Mas
Help Me Push It Freedom Street
Canadian Girls Prices Too High
Peace Love and Happiness Searching For Love
We Want a Change 590 Radio
Party politics See Phyllis
Take Me Back We can no Longer
My Country With Independence
Dominica Water Like Jim Jones
Idology Oil Crisis
My Girlfriend Suzie My Hard Husband