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Super L

Levi “Super L” Loblack, is a versatile entertainer, born in Roseau Dominica.

Super L

He is a singer, songwriter, producer, comedian, master of ceremonies, and actor, also known by the stage names “Double L”,”Big L” or “Super L”.

His musical career began at any early age, with Dominica’s Souffle Moutine Chorale.

Just after leaving the Souffle Mountine Chorlae, he was asked to audition for, and subsequently won the role of of Judas Iscariot in the Dominican production of Jesus Christ Superstar, a musical presented by The People’s Action Theatre.

As his talent grew and became recognized, he was asked to join the best dance band in the land, The Dominican Swinging Stars, taking on the role of their lead vocalist. In 1979 he arranged and composed on two ablums of the Band, and also the band’s most well known #1 song Grotto Brule. Later that year, after Hurricane David struck the island of Dominica, Super L, the Dominican Swinging Stars, and a group of artists, toured the Caribbean in an effort to raise funds for Dominica during the recovery period.

During 1979 through 1982 Super L would tour Canada, The United States and The Caribbean with the Dominican Swinging Stars recognizing him as one of the most charismatic and popular lead vocalists.

Upon leaving the Swinging stars, in 1982, Super L continued to explore his love for entertainment and became the main master of ceremonies at the Carnival Queen shows, and also serenading the carnival Queens, including master of ceremonies on numerous calypso shows throughout the year.

Always growing, he decided in 1984, to begin a colorful career in the calypso arena. His first attempt in 1984 brought him straight to the finals with songs like Mother Mary and Sexy Katlin. Not to be discouraged in 1985 he made a successful come back with two more thought provoking songs, Controversial Crowning and Answer De Question securing himself the first runner up title. 1986 was an incredible year for Super L as in that year penned the unfortgetable road march song “Body Slam”, and was crowned Road March King for 1986 making Body Slam a crowd pleaser even to this day. In 1987 Super L again sat down to write the song voted Song of the Year at the Dominica Fame Awards – “Good Citizens”. A song that recognized some of the great contributors who to the fabric of Dominica’s culture.

On the morning of the 1988 calypso finals the Super L surprised everyone to become one of the first calypsonians to launch their album on calypso finals day. Fans went crazy for the release, and the album sold out very quickly.

Not to be out done Dominica did not hesitate to recognize it’s achievers, and talented at their annual Fame Awards. So it was that in 1988 the Super L, in the Best Male Vocalist category won the prestigious title of Best Male Vocalist, recognizing him as the best voice on the island.

The Fame Awards also took opportunity to award Super L’s incredible song writing ability by awarding him song of the year for 1987 – Good Citizens and song of the year for Proud West Indian, for 1988.

1989 was a year of reflective for the Super L. He wrote the community minded song Child Abuse, and an uplifting dancy song called Jouvert Jam. These songs prepared Super for the next musical chapter.

In 1990 Dominica had a number of things happening that became excellent topics for discussion, in song. So, he entered the calypso competition with two songs: Bomb in the City and When Will It End. These two hit songs and presentation garnered the Super L 1st runner up in the competition.

In 1990 Super L left Dominica for North America to explore other opportunities with his music. Since being in Canada he has again been recognized for his talent wining numerous awards while still being recognized in Dominica by the National Cultural Council for his Outstanding Contribution to Cultural Development and a Legend of Cadence-Lypso Award for Recognition of his Contribution to Cadence Lypso.

He tours extensively with his band Levitasyon having opened for Carimi, and Ti-Vice while promoting Creole music and Dominica at every chance he gets. To date Levitasyon has recorded three albums and a number of singles. 2011 will be the opportunity for fans to finally buy The Best of Super L CD scheduled to be released in the summer of 2011 to be sold exclusively on line at and at Super L performances.

Super L wishes to thank all of his fans for their continued support and looks forward to another exciting musical year.

Grand Calypso Competition 

  • 1984 – Mother Mary / Sexy Katlin – Finalist
  • 1985 – Controversial Crowning / Answer the Question – 2nd Place
  • 1986 – Sing Me That Song / Body Slam – 4th Place
  • 1987 – Good Citizens / Soca Zouk – 5th Place
  • 1988 – Walls of Jericho/ Proud West Indian – Finalist
  • 1989 – Child Abuse / J’Ouvert Jam – Finalist
  • 1990 – Bomb in the City / When Will It End – 2nd Place

Other Awards

  • 1984 – 2nd Place Independence Calypso Competition: Appreciate Your Own
  • 1987 – F.A.M.E Award Song of the Year: Good Citizen
  • 1988 – F.A.M.E Award Song of the Year: Proud West Indian

A Sample of Super L’s music.

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